Back in Tucson!

Back in Tucson

Hi everyone! Robert here. Long story short, on March 19 we made a last minute decision to return to the US. We realized this was definitely a time to be close to loved ones. It was hard to leave Madrid as we had fallen so in love with our new home. Our hearts go out to all the wonderful people we met during our few months there.

Ray found affordable one-way flights for the next day. Going to Madrid with few material possessions made it easy to leave quickly. Parker Kitty (now a world traveler) handled the trip perfectly. (Purrfectly?) Ray was his normal stoic solid self. Not gonna lie, I was popping 5mg Valium like PEZ and chasing them down with vino and my OCD brain was still going a mile a minute. It took 24 hours but everything actually went smoothly. A friend of ours had a sudden vacancy on an adorable furnished place and graciously offered it to us for the time being. It is the perfect place for us to land and figure things out. Even Parker kitty settled right in!

Snuggled up on a kitchen chair.

We are extremely thankful for the invaluable support of our friends and family. The blog will probably be static for a while. Got a few things to work out.

Much love to you all. R&R (and Parker Kitty)

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