About Us

Bisbee to Spain — It’s really happening!

To all our existing friends and family, welcome!  To new friends who have just stumbled across our blog, pleased to meet you!  We are a middle-aged couple who have decided to retire just a tad early and embark on what we hope will be the journey of a lifetime.

We know some of our friends and family will be interested in following our journey and have consequently decided to start a blog about the experience.  That way we won’t needlessly bore people on Facebook, but give those who care to have more detail about our activities the opportunity to check in every now and again and see what’s going on with us.

I’ve never blogged before and am therefore unsure what direction the blog may take, or even how often we’ll be updating it.  Certainly we’ll try to provide important information as it happens, but right now the plan is to post items that are noteworthy and interesting — our experiences will drive the content.  

Feel free to join us on our adventures (and misadventures) during what will no doubt be an exciting time for us.