Update — What’s new, pussycat?

Realizing that we will need a harness to secure Parker while going through TSA screening, I hopped on Amazon and found this.

After carefully measuring her chest girth, I selected a medium from the size chart, which seemed reasonable for a 10-pound cat.

I was a bit slow approaching Parker to try the contraption on, which gave her the chance to start getting rather wiggly. After some give-and-take I was able to get her front legs through the holes and secure the harness from the back via velcro and the plastic clips (dual-security).

Parker was hardly bashful about how she felt wearing such a thing, and spent the next few minutes slinking around the living room, eventually ending up behind the sofa. She certainly didn’t find the mesh girdle comfortable, and it didn’t seem terribly secure despite the fact that it was cinched as tightly as the medium size would allow.

After observing her behavior and thinking about the loose fit, we decided to try a small size to enhance the security. A couple days later, UPS delivered the new harness and we slipped Parker into it — perfect fit! She even seemed more comfortable this time around, so we figure after a few more fittings she won’t mind wearing it at all.

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